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well its only been a couple of days since my last update but that one didn't go so well because i got like no feedback.

i wanna go ahead and make my livejournal friends only again but i need more active friends to do so.. so comment if you want to be added to my friends list. i love to meet new people so feel free to leave a random comment.

here are some random pictures... some random, some old, some new.. watev.

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hmm well yeah those are my amazing friends and just all the people i've been hanging out with lately. everything is still going pretty good.. i got my car which makes everything a hell of a lot easier. yesterday was a wierd day.. i was in a contemplative mood all day. i was upset alot though, i dont know why . i guess all in all, i was just dissapointed and upset. but whatever, i'll get over it. life goes on, right? right.

i have to work today at 6.. that should be exciting, not.

ps, jessica AND silva are both going on vacation. monique just got back from texas. jacquelyn and alexa are in mexico all week.. i wanna go on vacation =/

well everyone gimme some feedback.
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yeah its been a while

wow well where should i start
everythings slowly changing but i'm adjusting to all the change pretty good
i like change, something new is always good

my friends are good, still the most amazing & interesting group of girls you'll ever meet
hmm work is fun and i'm probably the only one that can say my job is something i look forward to

my birthday isn't too far away.. april 22nd
yeah i finally got a car about a week ago, thats going pretty well

thats all i guess
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it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want tooooo... :-p

i fell asleep at 10:45 last night and my phone died which means that nobody could contact me... i went to school only to find out that my balloon supply was cut off due to a helium shortage... i was planning on skipping 5th hour to hang out with everybody during all lunches but noooo, pryor had to write me and monica up for "horseplay" and keep us down there during all lunches and ended up giving us a saturday school... i couldn't take the the bus home due to one too many balloons therefore staying after for about half an hour till i got home where in the in-between time, it rained on me when my hair was straight

but besides all that small stuff...


i love everybody who made today special for meeeee
...tankies :o)

ps, happy birthday to mr. rys and mr. fraylick!!
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